"Time is the precious thing in this world"

Computer Programming, watching Movie, Playing Carum, Watching Cricket Matches of Pakistan only

Computer Programming I always love to work on Mathematics, I have always got excellent marks in this subject specially. My these intentions from primary and secondary education has given me automatic interest in Computer Programming. Computer Programming is in fact a type of mathematic problem at some extend. I always enjoy to do this job and I will continue to do it in my future.

Watching Movies I like to watch Hollywood Movies. Time by time my taste has been changed. Presently I like to watch biographical stories movies and historical movies. My favorite Stars in male is:
Richard Gere, Jean Claude Vanndam           
Female Stars are:
Kieth Winslet

Watching Cricket Cricket is our traditional famous game. My father was a very good cricketer. My brothers have played good cricket. So by their company I have understood cricket quite well and I enjoy to watch the exciting moment of it.